Moondogging EP 2

by Thies Mynther & Veit Sprenger

I remember a day last June counterpoint tunes in the afternoon cruising through towns like future street clowns shamanic routines in our loony platoon I remember last September we gazed at the rings around the moon and you shrugged but then you hugged me and our life felt like a sunday cartoon Now we are the moondogs just a trick of the light a refraction in the troposphere fading gently with the end of the night and we argued while we were laughing whether that was a halo or a corona and you shrugged but then you hugged me And got on your plane to Barcelona Now you’re just a moondog a paraselene If the supply ship collapses, get the module to land That’s the lesson to learn from Apollo 13 We are the moondogs just a trick of the light Even Belka and Strelka made it back in the end Walk with me gently into this dark night We’re dancing in the midnight sky, my fairest of the fair. We dance beside the crescent moon and stars are in our hair We are the moondogs We are the moondogs We are the moondogs We are the moondogs


Departing from the works of blind composer, poet and performance artist Moondog (1916–1999), Tobias Euler, Thies Mynther and Veit Sprenger have created an interventionist music machine — a project on the fringes of music, theatre and visual art. The Moon Machine is a mobile sound system of weird beauty — a bricolage consisting of pneumatic instruments, organ pipes, handmade drums and mechatronic sound automats that has been travelling through town before landing in the exhibition space of Kunsthalle Münster.


released June 1, 2020

Mixed and produced @Clouds Hill by Thies Mynther. Mastered by Flo Siller@Bias Beach.
All Music and Lyrics written by Thies Mynther amd Veit Sprenger and Moondog aka Louis Thomas Hardin


all rights reserved



Thies Mynther Hamburg, Germany

Thies Mynther lives in Hamburg and Berlin. As author, musician and producer he has contributed to over a hundred albums and occasionally works as film score composer.
Since 2014 he is also developing musical theatre productions.
In 2017 he establishes the production company Fairy Bot with Sandra Trostel. The interweaving of digital and performative means is a driving element of his work.
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